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Our Navajo Spirit Tour Mini Retreat

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Please keep in mind Navajo Spirit Tours does not operate Horseback riding tours. Thank you so much!

Join Garry Holiday on a spiritual voyage into the Ancient culture of the People. Garry Holiday has an extensive knowledge and background teaching the culture and history to people all over the world. Garry Holiday has not only taught the Navajo Culture to Universities throughout the United States, he has also been able to blend our culture with the outside world to teach the spiritual ways of the People. You will have an opportunity to sit down with him one on one to learn about the culture and teachings. This Mini Retreat will give you a greater understanding of our divine journey while giving you a full two hours with Garry with unfiltered discussion.

$250.00 per person for Mini Retreat (Two person minimal) (Includes a Navajo Taco Meal)

$500.00 per person for Private Mini Retreat (Two person minimal) (Includes a Navajo Taco Meal)

Approximately 3 Hours with Dinner included.


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