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Hunts Mesa

Please keep in mind Navajo Spirit Tours does not operate Horseback riding tours. Thank you so much!

Our Hunt's Mesa Tour will take you to see one of the most majestic views in Monument Valley. We would make a 2.5 hour trek to the top of Hunt's Mesa while stopping to see beautiful panoramic viewpoints of Mystery Valley and old Navajo relics along the way.  The final viewpoint would be seeing all of Monument Valley at the top of a secluded mesa. This tour would be a total of 5-6 hours altogether depending on how much exploring you would like to do. Please request if you would like to see Hunt's Mesa during sunset and we will be sure to schedule you in for the exact right time.

$375.00 per person (Two person minimal)
$425.00 per person for Private Hunt's Mesa Tour (Two person minimal)
*Children 12 and under would be half price

Our Hunt's Mesa would take you to the highest point in Monument Valley. We would provide all of the gear you would need for comfortable camping. Our guides are all very wonderful and would make sure that you got to the best photographic spots for sunrise and sunset, they are also very talented musicians, so you would have the opportunity to hear either the beautiful flute or native singing. We do serve a great dinner; hand pressed campfire cheeseburgers garnished with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onions with a side of salad and potato chips. We do also have vegetarian or vegan options. If you do have any dietary restrictions please let us know so we can pack the perfect meal for you. In the morning you would rise before sunrise to go to another location to get some beautiful photos, then go back to the campsite where you would have a cereal (we will a few choices on site) served with yogurt and fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls. Orange juice and coffee will also be provided for breakfast. We do provide water for you while you are on our tours so you wouldn't have to worry about that at all. We would also visit some lower points to see the beautiful Anasazi dwellings and double arches, before finishing your tour the next day at about 10:30AM-11:00AM. You would have two guides assigned during this tour, a husband and wife team to make sure that you have a full experience while you are up there.

$525.00 per person (Two person minimal)
$650.00 per person for Private Hunt's Mesa Tour (Two person minimal)
*Children 12 and under would have a 20% discount applied

(Please keep in mind we will depart in all weather conditions with the exception of flash flooding.)
Hunts Mesa Overnight Tour not available during winter season

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