Driving Distances to Monument Valley

Las Vegas to Monument Valley - 6:08 minutes or 394 miles

Grand Canyon National Park to Monument Valley - 3:31 minutes or 176 miles

Flagstaff, AZ to Monument Valley - 3:18 minutes or 176 miles

Williams, AZ to Monument Valley - 3:13 minutes or 206 miles

Page, AZ to Monument Valley - 2:22 minutes or 125 miles

Tuba City, AZ to Monument Valley - 1:55 minutes or 100 miles

Kayenta, AZ to Monument Valley - 25 minutes or 22 miles

Chinle, AZ to Monument Valley - 2:02 minutes or 96 miles

Sedona, AZ to Monument Valley - 4:25 minutes or 225 miles

Phoenix, AZ to Monument Valley - 5:49 minutes or 316 miles

*Arizona is on a different time zone than Monument Valley 

Gallup, NM to Monument Valley - 3:00 minutes or 179 miles

Alburqurque, NM to Monument Valley - 5:02 minutes or 320 miles

Mexican Hat, Ut to Monument Valley - 22 minutes or 20 miles

Bluff, Ut to Monument Valley - 1:05 minutes or 49 miles

Blanding, Ut to Monument Valley - 1:38 minutes or 75 miles

Moab, Ut to Monument Valley - 2:58 minutes or 149 miles

Meeting Location

Your guide will meet you inside the Monument Valley Tribal Park at the demonstration Hogans just right off the parking lot of the visitor center.

Hotels in the Area

Monument Valley Tipi Village - 5 miles from meeting location

Fire Tree Bed and Breakfast - 14 miles from meeting location

Goulding's Lodge - 7 miles from meeting location

The View Hotel - Within Walking distance

The Hat Rock Inn - 20 miles from meeting location

The Mexican Hat Lodge - 20 miles from meeting location

The San Juan Inn - 20 miles from meeting location

The Hampton Inn - 22 miles from meeting location

The Kayenta Monument Valley Inn - 22 miles from meeting location

The Wetherill Inn - 22 miles from meeting location

*Navajo Spirit Tours is not affiliated with any hotels, motels or tour companys in Monument Valley


Before your Tour:

We do ask for a full prepayment at the time of your booking  to ensure your spot on the tour, as soon as your tour is finalized we would send a full confirmation reciept with the details of your tour and information packet via email.


Cancellation Policy: We do have a three day cancellation policy so as long as you were to cancel your tour up to three days prior you would recieve a full refund minus a 10.00 cancellation fee. If something were to happen on the day of your tour or past the three day cancellation policy we are always willing to work with you to reschedule your tour at a better time.  

We know that sometimes things can happen along the way and will always do our best to get you onto your scheduled tour. We do wait 15 minutes after the scheduled departure time to give everybody a chance to get onto the tour in case of an emergency or delay along the way. Please understand that if you come in past the 15 minutes we cannot hold up the tour although we will be sure to get you onto the next scheduled tour or out as soon as we possibly can. 

There will be a seperate entry fee to the Monument Valley Tribal Park that is not included in your tour price. We do apologize for any inconvience this may cause you although we do hope to still see you here!

Private Tours will be conducted in an enclosed vehicle in small parties unless Open Air Vehicles are availabile upon request.

Please see our "Tips and Tricks to Visiting Navajo Land". This will give you an idea of what to expect and prepare for while you are here . This will also be sent to you at the time of your booking via email. If you have any further questions at all don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call during our office hours. 

Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing you in Monument Valley!

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