Mystery Valley 

The Navajo Nation Tribal Parks and Recreation have closed Mystery Valley until further notice. We do apologize for any in advance for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Our  Mystery Valley Tour is approximately 3.5 hours altogether and is limited to guided tour only.  It is a place of eloquent beauty in a separate area from Monument Valley. It will take you more off the beaten trek to see soft Navajo Sandstone buttes and mesas. It is a place Navajo people believe holds a great spiritual power. You will leave Mystery Valley with a feeling of peace and tranquility.  On this tour you will see many famous sites such as The Square House Ruins and The House of Many Hands, which are very sacred to the Navajo People. You will also see natural arches like Skull Arch, Honeymoon Arch and have the opportunity to visit the Ancient petroglyphs and pictographs up close. You will dive deep to learn about the Navajo Culture, the history of the area, and the lifestyle of both the Navajo and the Ancient Peaubloan People making it simply one of our most enjoyable tours.

$90.00 per person for the regular daytime Tour (Two person minimal)

$95.00 per person for the Sunset Mystery Valley Tour (Two person minimal)

$125.00 per person for the Private Mystery Valley Tour (Two person minimal)

(+6% Navajo Nation Tax)


We do also have the option of a Mystery Valley Photography Tour. This tour would take you to capture the Ancient Sites, Natural Arches, and Panoramic Viewpoints  up close during the best lighting of the day.  Since all sites are west to south facing we advise that you take the Photography Tour during sunset to get the very  best lighting of the day. You would have to purchase a seperate permit from the Monument Valley Tribal Parks and Recreation if you plan to use your photos for commercial purposes. 

$150.00 per person for the Mystery Valley Photography Tour (Two person minimal)

$200 per person for the Mystery Valley Private Photography Tour (Two person minimal)

(+6% Navajo Nation Tax)


*Little ones 12 years and under would be half price, 5 years and under would be free.

*If you are traveling by yourself don't hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to schedule you into an existing group if at all possible.

*There will be an entry fee to the Monument Valley Tribal Park not included in your tour cost. Payable as you enter.