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About Us

Navajo Spirit Tours opened in November of 2007 and is owned and operated as a sole proprietorship by Garry Holiday Jr. When he started the company he felt that he wanted to keep Navajo Spirit Tours as a small family operated business; all of our guides and staff are close family members who have a rich history in Monument Valley.


Garry was born in Monument Valley just down the road from the Monument Valley Tribal Park. He spent most of his life in Monument Valley. When his parents moved his family to Salt Lake City to attend college, Garry chose to return by himself to graduate High School with the kids he grew up with. 


Garry was always fascinated by cultures from around the world. He loved learning and sharing. He spent many years as an artist before working at a roadside stand before he met a producer who co-produced a story of the first flute; a Navajo musical that was written by Garry and performed by his family who now work for Navajo Spirit Tours. Eventually this producer and others approached us to begin a Native American Channel online. We were so excited we began writing and wrote many scripts for other films and documentaries. 


Unfortunately, we planned our beginning at the same time as the recession began and lost all of our fundings. The Native Channel never happened and our scripts were never seen. This was our opportunity to start fresh. We still wanted to share Native culture with the world. The only way we knew we could was to start a tour operation and invite people to us.


Our goal was to make sure every person who came through on our tour would get a unique and personal experience. We wanted to insure that our business wasn’t just offering another tour through the park, with inaccurate information nor would it be a tour that would just point out the formations and offer a moment for photos as one can do that by themselves. Instead we wanted to show the spiritual side of the Navajo People, to create an understanding among all cultures and in doing so we have been incredibly blessed. All of us at Navajo Spirit Tours appreciate the guests that come to Monument Valley to visit and hope that one day you may be among the many friends that we have made. 

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