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The Totem Pole at Sunrise

Yá’át'ééh, Welcome to Monument Valley!

As guides we feel privileged to walk on the beautiful lands that have been given to us by the creator. We feel privileged to see the ever-changing land that is called Monument Valley. Monument Valley holds a special place to the Navajo People; it is considered the heart of the earth. A sacred land with arguable the most beautiful view in the world. Monument Valley has a rich history with some of the greatest traditional Navajo leaders and spiritual healers (singers). We are honored to be a part of such great history and extremely honored to share our ancestry with you.


This is where all our guides grew up. When they were young they played on the rocks; hiking, sledding down sand dunes, and making clay toys. Like many other cultures we were inventive and came up with lots of fun things to do. Now we are all grown up. We still like to play on the rocks; this may be why we all love our work so much. We get to show others what comes so naturally to us. We have also come to appreciate what our ancestors taught us and realize how sacred the formations are and the meaning of each of them. We understand the plants and what their uses are. We understand the ancient drawings that the ancient ones left behind. We understand how music is an integral part of nature and would love to perform for you under the natural amp theater called the Big Hogan. This is what sets us apart from the other tour companies in Monument Valley; our love for what we do and our want to share our knowledge.


We have a variety of 4X4 adventure and cultural tours that you may choose from. If there is something you are very interested in let us know and whether it is a group tour or a private tour, not only would we love the opportunity to give you a day to walk in our shoes, we will do our best to make your tour and experience of a lifetime. 

I have lived in water many millions of years ago

Blood has been shed on my face for thousands of years

I have grown crops and herbs to help prosper the people that find me sacred

In me there are secrets that no man may find as long as he may search me

I am Monument Valley

By Lance Holiday 


copyright 2013

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